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Home Page of the Catholic Church in England and Wales
This site contains information on the 5 provinces and 22 dioceses in England and Wales.

Todmorden Churches Together
This site contains information on church happenings in the Pennine town of Todmorden

Calderdale Christian Web Site
This site contains information on Calderdale which is a Metropolitan Borough in West Yorkshire.

Catholic Links
This site contains links to other site of interest to Catholics

Northampton Diocesan Youth Service
The web site of the Diocesan Youth Service

Northampton Diocesan RE Services
The Diocesan Youth Service website

Pollard Baptist Pals
An American Baptist Church's Youth Page

Rochdale Churches OnLine -- This site contains information of Churches, Organisations, Bible, Prayer and Events in the Rochdale area

UK Ecumenical OnLine -- This site provides information of general Christian interest nationally

Catholic Scout Advisory Council -- This site provides information of interest to Catholic's in Scouting and those sponsoring or supporting scout groups

St Joesph's, Birtley -- St Joseph's Roman Catholic Church Parish Priest: Father Anthony (Tony) Duffy. Birtley Lane, Birtley, Tyne & Wear DH3 1LJ.

Christ the King, Batyeford -- Christ the King is an Anglican church in Battyeford West Yorks

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